Deployment Management in ITIL4

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What's new in ITIL4? 

ITIL4 offers a more holistic and flexible frame of reference, while embracing modern ways of working like agile and DevOps. Atlassian and AXELOS have partnered to publish an easy-to-read guide. Learn more about ITIL4 and its new Deployment Management practice. 

In short, deployment management functions as an important bridge between change and release management. These three practices are necessary to deliver services both fit for use and purpose. 

Change control helps coordinate technical changes to maintain throughput and stability. 
Release management focuses on when and how to make new or updated component available to users. 
Deployment management is the technical vehicle that looks at how to move new or changed service components from one environment to another.“ 

Atlassian’s guide to agile ways of working with ITIL 4

With Apwide Golive integration with Jenkins or Bamboo, Jira acts as an Environment Hub. Keep track of all your deployments, provision new Environments and trigger new deployments.

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