Apwide TEM takes your test environment management to the next level in JIRA

  • Display the list of all your environments with smart filters
  • Schedule events impacting your environments on a timeline: planned deployments, testing phases, data refresh, etc.
  • Display an environment panel in your Jira issues and use environment custom fields
  • Automatically or manually update environment statuses, deployed versions and custom properties
  • Manage environment booking requests using custom approval workflows
  • Improve your communication with watching functionality and calendar exports

The Timeline

Apwide TEM timeline

Environment panel within the issues

Apwide TEM Overview Issue Details Environments Tab

Environment custom fields

Apwide TEM Overview Issue Page Environment Custom Fields Example

What is an Environment?

In our product, an environment is defined by 2 elements:

  • An Application (ex : eCommerce, ERP, Mobile app,…)
  • An Environment Category (ex : Staging, Production, Test, Development)

An environment has several properties:

  • An Environment Status (ex : “Available”, “In maintenance”, “Slow”,…)
  • A deployed version (ex : ECOM 1.0.2)
  • Custom properties that can be configured (ex : URL to access the environment if applicable)

These concepts and their relations are modeled in the diagram below :

Apwide TEM Overview Environment Manager Concepts

Versions and Applications

Test Environment Manager re-use the concepts of Version that exists in Jira (learn more about Jira versions).

Optionally, an application defined in Environment Manager can be associated to a subset of Versions. For example, an “eCommerce” application could be associated to all versions of all projects starting with prefix “ECOM” (ex : “ECOM 1.2.3”, “ECOM 2.0”, “ECOM 3.beta”,…). It could also be associated to all versions of a specific Jira project. These “Version Mapping” strategies is useful if you have a lot of different applications and if you use conventions to manage a clean versions repository in Jira.

Note that if you have a lot of different applications, you can quickly get tons of version numbers to manage in the same Jira project. Do not forget to archive old releases in order to limit the number of versions displayed on the various Jira screens.

Application Schemes

Application Schemes is a set of applications that is associated to a Jira project. It is mandatory to associate an Application Scheme to your project in order to see environment informations on your project’s issue pages.


Environment Manager is available on the Atlassian Marketplace for both automatic or manual installation. Once installed, you have to complete this quick setup procedure to see Test Environment Manager in action on your Jira instance.