Since version 5.0

Attributes have been introduced in version 5.0. They allow you to create sets of fully customisable properties to share configuration of your environments with JIRA users.

Attributes will progressively replace the Environment Properties

Step 1: Define a new Attribute

The Attribute setup page is accessible to jira-administrators from the main menu:

Click on button "Create Attribute" to setup a new attribute:

Create as many attributes you need to document the configuration of your environments. Think about which information are useful to be pushed to JIRA users.

Since version 5.3: you can set a properties called "secured" for each attribute you create. Use this option to restrict read or read/write permission on certain sensitive attributes. More information here.

For example: url to access to admin console, e-mail address of the owner of the environment, information about dataset and environment setup,...

You can quickly start having numerous attributes to manage. Use the "Search" text box to quickly find the attributes you need.

Step 2: Set value of your Attributes

In order to set values of these Attributes for your environments, start editing an environment and click on "Attributes" section:

Select the attribute you want to set for your current environment, set an initial value and click on "Add" button.

Repeat this operation as many times as needed.

When you are done, click on "Update" button to save your modification and close the edit popup.

Step3: Customize rendering of your attributes

When you insert URLs or e-mail addresses into your attribute's value, they will be automatically detected, truncated and formatted as html links.

Line breaks are also automatically detected and converted to be displayed properly.

You can also include HTML tags (without javascript) to customise rendering of your attribute. Why not include logos or images ?

Visualise your Attributes on Issue Page

Attributes are displayed on your Issue Page when selecting the environments displayed by your Environment Custom Fields or on the Environments panel:

Visualise your Attributes on Search Environments page

Visualise environment attributes directly in your environment search results. You expand the display to show all attributes of your environments if they are too many to be displayed at once:

Secured Attributes (since version 5.3)

In order to restrict write or read/write access of certain attributes, you can set an attribute as "secured" as described in Step1

In order to restrict write or read/write permissions to your secured attributes, you have to edit your roles. Since version 5.3, 2 new permissions are available for your secured attributes:

  1. View Secured Attributes: users having a role with this permission will be able to visualise secured attributes value
  2. Edit Secured Attributes: users having a role with this permission will be able to view and edit secured attributes value.

You will find more information about how to setup roles and permissions here.