Apwide TEM Deployments Environments Status Deployment Page

N.B. If you do cannot see the “Environments” menu, either Environment Manager is not enabled or you do not have the required permissions. Read the permission management documentation to know how to setup the right permissions. By default, everybody has access to this menu.

Visualize the deployment history

You can visualize the last deployed version directly from the Environment Status Page passing the mouse over the deployed version’s cell :

Apwide TEM Deployments Deployment History Vizualization From Environment Status Page

Visualise the deployment history on the Environment Timeline (Since version 4)

You can also visualise the deployment history of your environments directly on the Environments Timeline:

Update the status and the deployed version manually

  1. Find the environment you want to update. Note that you can click on headers to sort the list
  2. Click on “update” to update the status of an environment
  3. Click on “deploy” to update the deployed version of an environment4. Choose the version to deploy and click on “Deploy”:


Since version 4.8

Rewrite deployment history / Set effective deployment date

If user has permission “Manage Deployments”, he will be able to choose any date in the past as effective deployment date. Especially when you are updating manually the deployed version, it could be very useful to update today a deployment that happened yesterday with the effective deployment date.

It you have “Manage Deployments” permission, you will be also able to delete existing deployments, useful to remove “noisy” or irrelevant tentative of deployments that you do not want to see on your timeline.

A third use case would be the migration of historical data in Test Environment Manager.

Set effective deployment date when updating the deployed version (since version 4.8)

Delete a deployment from the deployment history popup (since version 4.8):

Delete a deployment displayed on the Environment Timeline (since version 4.8):

Create new deployments with drag and drop on the Environment Timeline (since version 4.8):

Since version 2.4

Update environments manually on the view issue page

If user has permission he can update the deployed version and the status of environments displayed on the view issue page. It is also possible to access directly to the environment admin page in order to quickly update setup/properties of an environment.

Apwide TEM Deployments Issue Details Environments Tab Actions Watchers


Update environment information using the “REST API”

You can also update environment’s data programatically using the provided REST API.