Since version 1.5

Environment Manager allows you to define custom properties for your environments. Depending on your requirements, you may need to add more information than the standard field available to describe your environments.

For example, imagine that some of your environments are running on LINUX and others are running on AIX. If you want to add these information in Environment Manager, you must activate and setup a new Environment Property that you could call “OS”. Follow the steps below to know how to activate and use an Environment Property.

Activate a new Environment Property

To manage the Environment Properties :

  • open “Administration/Add-ons/Environments/Environment Properties” admin section
  • by default, all the Environment Properties are inactive, to activate an Environment Property, click on “edit” to change the status and the name of an Environment Property :Apwide TEM Environment Properties Setup
  • Click on Update to save your settings

Set values of Environment Properties for each Environment

  • open “Administration/Add-ons/Environments/Environments” to edit properties of an environment. Note that a new column is now visible in the table that lists existing environments.
  • Select the Environment you want to edit and click on “Edit”
  • Change the value of the new “OS” field in the Environment popup :Apwide TEM Environment Properties Set Value
  • Click on Update to save your settings

Visualize and use Environment Properties on the Environment Status Page

Apwide TEM Environment Properties Status Page

Note that since version 2.2, you can display information on multiple lines and the the e-mail or URL are automatically detected/truncated to be displayed as HTML links. Example :

Apwide TEM Environment Properties Multiline Autolink Status Page

Visualize Environment Properties when browsing an issue

You can also visualize the Custom Properties set for each environment directly from the issue page. You just have to pass your mouse over the environment you want to know more about to show the tooltip :

Apwide TEM Environment Properties Issue Panel Tooltip