Environment Gadgets

Since version 4.10 of Apwide Test Environment Manager for JIRA, you can use gadgets on your JIRA dashboards and in your Confluence pages.

In order to use gadgets for Test Environment Manager you will have to install a free app available on the the Atlassian Marketplace: Apwide Test Environments Gadgets.

The gadgets will be immediately available for your JIRA dashboards after installation of the app. If you want to use these gadgets on your Confluence pages, you will have to perform few additional steps as described in the Atlassian documentation here.

Important notes: this app is powered by Test Environment Manager (TEM), be careful to check the version compatibility between TEM and gadgets app if you encounter errors displaying the gadgets:

Apwide Environments Gadgets

Apwide Test Environment Manager

Apwide Timeline Gadget

Display all environments related events on a timeline: deployments, planned activities, environments bookings, testing campaigns, planned outages,…

Filter by applications, categories/stages, statuses, date ranges and calendars.

Apwide Timeline Gadget example: deployment history and events coming from various calendars for “ECommerce” environments

Apwide Environments Gadget

Display environments data and configuration in a table. 

Filter by application, categories/stages, statuses,..., choose which columns to display and sort by any displayed columns.

Apwide Environments Gadget: Example of compact display

Apwide Environments Gadget: larger and more detailed information