Configure your JIRA projects

Since version 4.4, all JIRA projects are associated by default to the default Application Scheme that is created during installation of the add-on.

Click on “Configure Projects” main menu item to visualise/edit  this default setting :

N.B. For versions prior to 4.4, no Application Scheme is associated by default to JIRA projects and the “Configure Projects” menu item does not exist. You have to manually associate each of your JIRA Projects to an Application Scheme using Project Administration pages (described below).

Global Settings

  • “Default Application Scheme”: select the Application Scheme you want to associate by default to your JIRA projects
  • “Project Association Mode”: select to which JIRA projects you want to associate your default Application Scheme
    • Use Default Application Scheme for all projects” (default): means that all JIRA projects are and will always be associated to the “Default Application Scheme”
    • Use Default Application Scheme for new projects only“: means that only new JIRA projects will be automatically associated to the “Default Application Scheme”. The other JIRA projects have to be associated manually to their Application Scheme.

N.B. You can set an empty “Default Application Scheme” when you select the “None” option.

Project Associations

When the “Project Association Mode” is set to “Use Default Application Scheme for new projects only“, you can associate each project individually to its Application Scheme :

Change Application Scheme association from Project Administration page

If the “Project Association Mode” is set to “Use Default Application Scheme for new projects only“, JIRA project administrators can change the associated Application Scheme directly from the Project Administration section of their project:

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