Golive for Test Managers & QA Leads

The Story of Test Managers

In the past, there was no need to manage Test Environments. QA teams were working on large and monolithic software projects and required no more than two environments: QA and Production.

However, with the exponential increase in both complexity (micro-services architecture) and speed (Agile methodologies), it became a necessity to increase the number of Test Environments and better manage their allocation.

At first, Test Managers were relying on Development or Operations Teams to provide them with processes and tools for managing their Test Environments. Unfortunately, those teams didn't get sufficient incentive to improve those processes.

That's why modern Test Teams started to take accountability regarding their Test Environments. As Test Manager, you have to balance budgets with timelines and other constraints to give your QA Teams the systems they need to ensure the best software quality.

The Problem

As a Test Manager, you need reliable information about your Test Environments and their allocation. You also need an easy way to deploy a specific version on a specific Test Environment in order to avoid testing delays.

However, information is often spread into a multitude of tools owned by Developers or Operations, and new deployments goes through a complex process involving other teams.

What if you could get a single source of truth about all your Test Environments?

What if you team could deploy any version on any Test Environment, with a single click?

The Solution

As a Test Manager, your primary concern should be to ensure that your team has all the resources they need to accomplish their mission. Every team member should have an easy access to the current status of their Test Environments and the exact versions deployed on each of them.

You have to make sure to provide them with the following real-time information:

  • Test Environment Inventory accessible to your team and all relevant stakeholders
  • Test Environment Schedule with a clear booking procedure
    (if your Test Environments are shared among multiple people or teams)
  • Test Environment Self-service for more autonomy, so that your team could easily deploy a different version or provision an additional Test Environment

If your company is using Jira already, you must enable the Golive plugin in just a few clicks and build your Test Environments Inventory. Its Environment Booking System relies on Jira issues so that everything can be customized to fit your own processes, using your own fields and approval workflows.

With the Timeline that displays all activities taking place in your Test Environments, your team and other relevant stakeholders will always be up to date on Environments allocation, which will save you time for working on your mission: making sure you deliver quality software!

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