Apwide Golive vs. Enov8 Comparison

Enov8 Vs Apwide Golive Comparison

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Managing test environments efficiently can be a challenging task, especially when using various tools and platforms. This article discusses two solutions - Apwide Golive and Enov8, that aim to simplify environment management while addressing different scenarios and needs. We'll delve into the benefits of Apwide Golive and Enov8 in different situations, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your requirements.

Using spreadsheets or shared calendars for environment management can be daunting, prompting the need for dedicated tools like Apwide Golive and Enov8. While additional tools like Enov8 might offer some relief for teams using Jira, we found that three substantial hurdles still stood in the way of true efficiency:

  • Integration Complexity: Integrating Enov8 with Jira and other tools in the ecosystem can be complex and time-consuming. This may lead to compatibility issues, data inconsistencies, and additional maintenance overhead.
  • Training for New Software: Adopting Enov8 requires investing time and resources in training team members to use the new tool effectively. Learning a new software with a different user experience (UX) can slow down productivity during the transition.
  • Lengthy Procurement Process: Onboarding a new vendor like Enov8 involves a complex procurement process, including contract negotiations and legal reviews, causing potential delays.

Situations when Golive Jira App could be a better alternative

Apwide Golive offers a seamless solution, especially for teams already using Jira, with various benefits in specific scenarios:

Seamless Integration

Golive integrates effortlessly with Jira and other deployment and monitoring tools, providing real-time updates within Jira's familiar environment.

When Tracking Releases and Deployments is Essential

Golive shines when managing and visualizing your release schedules and deployment statuses.

When Simplicity is Key

Golive's user-centric design and intuitive features simplify operations for teams that value efficiency.

When Customizable Dashboards are Necessary

Golive tailors its information display to the needs of various stakeholders.

When Budget is a Concern

As a Jira App, Golive offers the functionality of standalone tools like Enov8 but at a much more wallet-friendly price.

When Visual Dependency Management is Required

Golive's Spider Map offers comprehensive visual management of environment dependencies.

When Scalability is Crucial

Regardless of team size or project scope, Golive flexes to meet your needs.

When Time is Limited

If you're under time constraints and need an efficient solution, Golive's swift and easy integration with your toolchain makes it an ideal choice.

Situations when Enov8 could be a better alternative

When You Don't Use Jira

If Jira isn't part of your toolkit, but you require a holistic solution for test environment management, Enov8 could be a fit.

When Test Data Management is a Focus

Enov8's robust features cater to organizations with specific data privacy and compliance requirements.

When Cost Tracking is Essential

If tracking the costs of your IT and Test Environments is critical, Enov8's cost tracking capabilities can be pivotal.

When Seeking Standardization

Enov8's standardized approach could appeal to organizations prioritizing uniformity across all aspects of test environment management.

When Time and Budget are Abundant

If you have the resources for a longer implementation and integration process, as well as user training for a new tool, Enov8 could be your solution.

Remember, the choice between Golive Jira App and Enov8 will depend on your specific needs, available resources, and current toolchain. Both offer unique benefits, and the right choice will depend on your specific scenario. Below is a comprehensive comparison table highlighting the features and capabilities of Apwide Golive and Enov8 App to help you take decision based on the benefits offered by each solution.

Use Case / Feature Comparison

use case

golive for jira

enov8 platform

Environment Modeling



Environment Tracking

Yes, with well documented integrations

Yes, with API

Environment Booking

Yes, powered by Jira issues, workflows and automation

Yes, limited

User-friendly Scheduling

Custom Timelines

Pre-defined Timeline

Reporting Flexibility

New gadgets for your Jira Dashboards

Pre-defined Dashboards

Ease of use

Jira UX

Training required

Monthly pricing

Free up to 10 users. Then between USD 0.10 and 0.60 per Jira user.

From $50 per Test Environment Instance + $50 per data source.

Ease of purchase

Added to your Atlassian bill

New vendor onboarding

While Enov8 overlaps with Jira in domains encompassing issue tracking, project management, and integration capabilities, Apwide Golive takes advantage of native integration with Jira within the Atlassian ecosystem. By complementing Jira's use cases, Apwide Golive eliminates the need for extensive training or the adoption of an entirely new tool.

This not only saves time but also ensures that teams can quickly adapt to the familiar user experience (UX) of Jira. Moreover, Apwide Golive's user-friendly nature facilitates the effortless implementation and seamless connectivity with existing tools and data sources, such as Xray Test ManagementJenkinsAzure DevOps and many other tools.


In summary, by choosing Jira and Apwide Golive, you can streamline your environment management experience. You'll bypass complicated learning curves, avoid troublesome updates, and reduce excessive costs. With transparent pricing, a swift implementation process, and an intuitive platform, you'll enjoy a higher return on your environment management investment.

Whether you prioritize agile development, real-time deployment monitoring, or simplified environment management, Golive offers a comprehensive solution within the familiar Jira environment. However, if you require advanced capabilities for complex test environment scenarios or extensive integrations beyond Jira, Enov8 can cater to those specific needs.

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