Apwide Golive vs. Enov8 Comparison

Comparison Apwide Golive Vs Enov8 For Test Environment Management In Jira

Save money and energy!

Managing test environments using spreadsheets or shared calendars proves to be a daunting task. While additional tools like Enov8 might offer some relief for teams using Jira, we found that three substantial hurdles still stood in the way of true efficiency:

  • Yet another tool to (painfully) integrate with Jira and the rest of the landscape
  • Training required for a new non-standard software (new tool with a new UX)
  • Complex and lengthy procurement process for onboarding a new vendor

To simplify and speed up the process, we launched Golive, a Jira App that plugs with your deployment and monitoring tools for real-time updates in Jira, where your teams already are. If you're already using Jira, using Golive will save you money and energy. This is particularly true when the alternative tool overlaps significantly with standard Jira functionalities you're already paying for.

use case

golive for jira

enov8 platform

Environment Modeling



Environment Tracking

Yes, with well documented integrations

Yes, with API

Environment Booking

Yes, powered by Jira issues, workflows and automation

Yes, limited

User-friendly Scheduling

Custom Timelines

Pre-defined Timeline

Reporting Flexibility

New gadgets for your Jira Dashboards

Pre-defined Dashboards

Ease of use

Jira UX

Training required

Monthly pricing

Free up to 10 users. Then between USD 0.10 and 0.60 per Jira user.

From $50 per Test Environment Instance + $50 per data source.

Ease of purchase

Added to your Atlassian bill

New vendor onboarding

By choosing Jira and Apwide Golive, you streamline your environment management experience. You'll bypass complicated learning curves, avoid troublesome updates, and reduce excessive costs. With transparent pricing, a swift implementation process, and an intuitive platform, you'll enjoy a higher return on your environment management investment.

Apwide Golive Your Environment Hub

Transform your Test Environment Management with Apwide Golive:

  • Never hunt for environment info again,
    it's all in Jira where your team already is!
  • Say goodbye to environment booking conflicts,
    and hello to seamless test campaigns and demos
  • Keep your inbox organized,
    by choosing the environment notifications you need via email, MS Teams or Slack
  • Streamline your environment planning,
    with easy drag-and-drop on an intuitive timeline

Leading companies have already Golive as part of their DevOps toolchain:

Southwest Airlines Company
Mercedes-Benz Company
Manulife Financial Corporation Is A Canadian Multinational Insurance Company And Financial Services Provider.
Sky Television Company
Barclays Bank

Free trial / Free forever up to 10 Jira Cloud users!

Disney France

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