How Much are Inefficient Environment Management Tools Costing You?

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Calculation of the cost of poorly managed test environments

Is a lack of control over non-production environments the most expensive mistake when managing software environments? Your teams may be using top-notch environment management tools for your test and production environments. Others are not so fortunate, with everything locked away in decentralised local spreadsheets and emails. As you can imagine, this makes efficiency and version control a nightmare that often … Read More

How to bridge the gap between Jira and Jenkins

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If you are using Jira and Jenkins, you know that some of your Jira users do not have (or do not want) access to Jenkins. However, the same users ask you to launch deployments or request the status of those deployments. Hopefully, with our new Apwide Jenkins Shared Library, it has never been so easy to integrate Jira with Jenkins! … Read More

Already on Apwide Golive 6.7?

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With this upgrade you get the new refresh button for the Environments Page and several new features for your Timelines: Filter Plannable Environments at Calendar level Show start time when creating a new event with drag and drop Warn user when he tries to drop an event on a forbidden place

Bamboo-Apwide integration

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Did you know that Apwide Golive integrates smoothly with any tool able to make http calls? If you use Bamboo (or any other automation server) for your CI, Apwide Golive will centralize your build, deployment, release and environment information in Jira. A guarantee to always get updated data in your Jira Dashboards. Watch the video!

Apwide in Israel

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Last week we had the pleasure to share our passion for Environment Management with the Israel Atlassian User Group in Tel Aviv! Tons of positive interactions about a topic that was new for many attendees. Whether you just started or are already advanced with your Environment Management, get some inspiration with the recorded sessions.

Apwide Golive 6.6

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Last week we have released Apwide Golive 6.6. Discover the new Timeline user interface and exciting features like: Version CalendarsA new type of calendar to display and plan your Jira versions on the Timeline Calendars PermissionsDecide which Jira users and groups can view, add events or change setup of the calendars Copy EventsClone existing events in your timeline

Apwide Golive Calendar Types

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Did you know that you can add 4 different types of Calendars to your Apwide Golive Timelines? Standard Calendars Issue Calendars Status Change Logs Deployment Logs Watch the video to get familiar with those, before new types will show up in the coming versions!

Deployment Management in ITIL4

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ITIL4 offers a more holistic and flexible frame of reference, while embracing modern ways of working like agile and DevOps. Atlassian and AXELOS have partnered to publish an easy-to-read guide. Learn more about ITIL4 and its new Deployment Management practice. “In short, deployment management functions as an important bridge between change and release management. These three practices are necessary to … Read More