Let's improve your Release Management

Our Customers using Jira + Apwide Golive are fully in control of their Release Management:

  • The Timeline help them build and update their Product Roadmaps and Release Plans
  • The Environment Repository give them real-time status of software deployed versions

They find Apwide Golive easy to install, configure and use. No hardware required, it is installed on Jira Server or Data Center.

Thanks to the integration with DevOps tools and Jira core features, the entire organization works and collaborates better: Release Managers, Environment Managers, Delivery Teams, QA, Operations, Product and Project Managers, etc.

If you think it is time to replace your complex Spreadsheets by something more structured, you should definitely have a look at Apwide Golive.

We will be pleased to make you discover our Product!

Up to 40% of effort during the software development life-cycle is wasted due to environment related issues.

Julian Brook (Computerworld UK)


A great plugin constantly improving

“In our highly complex landscape consisting of many integrated platforms, we had to find an easy way for sharing the status of our multiple environments (availability + version deployed) across our 13 SCRUM teams. We discovered Environment Manager several years ago and became addicted to it. A great plugin constantly improving, with a unique support.”

Excellent plugin, excellent support

“Excellent plugin, excellent support. It fills an important gap in the Jira features and it allowed us to smoothly connect some environment and testing process issues in Jira. Keep up the good work!”


What is TEM ?

Companies ask for shorter time to market and better apps. Teams need fully interconnected and highly available test environments to run their activities. DevOps open new horizons in term of on-demand machine provisioning and scalability. Expectations and pressure on Release Managers and people in charge of test environments has never been as high as today.

Test Environment Management (TEM) is a combination of best practice and tools that will give you more control on your pre-production environments. It will drastically improve velocity of your Release Management and Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) which strongly depend on your test environments.


We help teams deliver better software faster

Boost efficiency

Each member of the team knows at any time what is the status of the ongoing releases. Find the environment configuration you need to do your job.

Increase visibility

Plan your releases and projects activities to sync teams and optimise environments utilisation. Visualise deployments history, build dashboard and statistics to drive continuous improvement.

Support DevOps

Automate updates and integrate your existing build, deployment, configuration, testing,.. tools/scripts using convenient REST API and WebHooks.


No cloud required, your data is safe with your existing Jira Server or Jira Data Center infrastructure.

One-click installation

No cloud required, your data is safe with your existing Jira Server or Jira Data Center infrastructure.

Save money

Transparent pricing model. No additional system to manage ouside Jira, no need to train users on a new ecosystem.