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You're the Maestro!

Release management, once a simple background task, has now taken center stage with the escalating complexity of software and organizations.

Much like a maestro orchestrating a symphony, you know that as a Release Manager, you juggle many roles. Your responsibilities span from planning deployments to collaborating with developers and QA. You engage stakeholders, manage risks, oversee documentation, and at times, lead teams. When faced with challenges, your adaptability and innovative approaches ensure seamless operations.

Mastering effective communication is essential for Release Managers, and at the heart of your communication strategy often lies a pivotal tool: the Release Dashboard.

But here's where it gets fascinating. In the process of compiling this guide, we collaborated with numerous Release Managers from various organizations. A consistent observation was the uniqueness of each Release Dashboard, emphasizing the tailored needs of every Release Manager and organization.

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The Experts

Arun Lakhanpal - Release Manager

Arun Lakhanpal

Release Manager (Contractor)

Fidelity Life

Beyrem Chouaieb - Release Manager

Beyrem Chouaieb

Release Manager
Disneyland Paris

Charles Viry - Release Manager Lead

Charles Viry

Release Manager Lead


Jean-Raphaël Guillaumin - Project Manager

Jean-Raphaël Guillaumin

Project Manager


Konrad Sass - Release Delivery Manager

Konrad Sass

Release Delivery Manager
Telenet Business

Linda Mumby - Environment &Amp; Release Manager

Linda Mumby

Environment & Release Manager
Dialog Information Technology

Neha Arora - Test &Amp; Release Manager

Neha Arora

Test & Release Manager

Anglicare Sydney

Philipp Junghans - Tax It Application Manager

Philipp Junghans

Tax IT Application Manager
Swiss Re

Thierry Alexandre - Project Director

Thierry Alexandre

Project Director (Freelance)
Major Retailer eCommerce Solutions

What's Inside?

This guide begins with an overview of the roles and challenges faced by release managers. It then delves into the significance of release dashboards in the release management process.

We also provide an in-depth case study of Swiss Re, detailing their challenges and the transformative impact of Release Dashboards on their operations. The guide concludes with five practical tips for creating an optimal dashboard for your organization.

Upon completion of this guide, you will become the maestro of release communication!

  • Chapter 1: You’re the Maestro!
  • Chapter 2: The Role of a Release Manager
  • Chapter 3: The Power of Release Dashboards
  • Chapter 4: The Swiss Re Story
  • Chapter 5: 5 Ultimate Release Management Tips
  • Chapter 6: Orchestrating Success with Release Dashboards

Who Should Download?

Whether you're a budding Release Manager, a seasoned professional looking to refine your skills, or anyone interested in the dynamics of effective communication within tech teams, this eBook is for you.

Disney France

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