Apwide Golive: Features

Environment Inventory

Centralize all Environments information relevant to your organization using a flexible data model: owner, URL, credentials, provider, location, etc. You decide.

For each Environment, you get history of version deployments and status changes.

Depending of the DevOps maturity of every single Application, information is synchronized automatically with other systems, or updated manually using the user interface.

Jira issues extension

A modern field replaces the standard Jira Environment field, so that you access to all relevant Environment information without leaving your Jira issue pages.

The Environment Panel gives the list of versions deployed on the different Environment categories (Dev, Test, QA, etc.). Very useful for users who need to reproduce a bug on another version of the application!

Manage your Releases

The Apwide Timeline is used for planning all kind of activities taking place on your Environments.

Activities are organized into colored Calendars shared among users. Those Calendars can also be mapped with Jira issues (JQL filters) in order to visualize them on the Timeline.

With Drag & Drop, you can build Product Roadmaps or Release Plans in record time!

Automation & DevOps

Since the very beginning, Apwide has been designed with the objective to easily integrate with other tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Chief, Docker, Monitoring tools, etc.

Apwide brings additional Jira WebHooks that can trigger actions in other systems, and all operations that can be done using the Apwide UI in Jira can also be executed from the Rest API. To help you integrate Apwide, we have also added a Swagger Rest API browser.

Watch your Environments

Are you still relying on Email Distribution Lists for your communication around Change and Release? In order to avoid forgetting or spamming people, Apwide gives to all Jira users the possibility to subscribe/unsubscribe to Environments events and configuration changes.

For that, Apwide is using the standard Jira email notifications system.

Environments Booking

With Apwide you can build Environments Booking Requests, so that your users can log a request each time they need to book an Environment.

Do you need an approval from your Environment Manager or Release Manager? With Jira it is easy to customize your workflows!

Reporting: Dashboards & Gadgets

Apwide comes with strong reporting capabilities to generate statistics and build dashboards for Jira and Confluence. Those reports can even be published for people without Jira or Confluence accounts.

On the Apwide Timeline, you can detect and measure mismatches between the planning and the reality.

Export capabilities

Planned and logged events can be exported in Excel, CSV and JSON formats. Environments’ Timelines are synchronized with your users’ favorite calendar application (Outlook, Google Calendar, Notes, Confluence Team Calendar, etc.) in order to keep everybody aligned.

Security & Permissions

Permissions in Apwide are very granular and can be mapped with Jira groups. Teams get access to only the Environments they need.

Segregation of duties can be enforced to restrict operations available to the developers or operations.