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A single source of truth to share information, manage and orchestrate all your Environments


your Environments


In many enterprises, Release managers, Project Managers, QA, and DevOps teams struggle to get accurate information about configuration and status of their Testing Environments. In worst cases, teams may spend days before realizing they worked on outdated environments.


Apwide solutions offer teams a tool to finally centralize and share up-to-date information of their Applications and Environments.

  • Automate the hard work to aggregate data and notifications from various infrastructure, monitoring, build, asset management,... tools, to share only relevant and valuable information with people
  • Keep track of changes to learn from the past and improve Release, Test, Deployment, Environment and Change management processes
  • Bring Environment Management  in tools that people already know and use everyday: Jira and Confluence


Access Environments Information where you need it

Browse configuration of the servers needed to work on bugs, stories, tasks, test cases,... right from Jira Issue Screens and Agile Boards.

Link issues to environments to easily find where issues are detected, reproduced or ready to be tested.

From outdated spreadsheets to live reporting and dashboards

Publish live environments dashboards to Jira and Confluence and align teams with always up-to-date information.

Why not adding the list of testing servers with current statuses and deployed versions next to issue statistics used by your teams?

No useless notifications anymore: be warned of real scoops!

Each Jira user can individually subscribe/unsubscribe to receive Environment Change notifications.

For each environment: choose to be notified of new deployment, status changed, new issue creation, configuration changes,...


your Environments


Many companies struggle to plan environment demands over time. This leads to inappropriate testing infrastructures (undersized or oversized) that impact time to market, quality and overall costs of delivered applications.

Without proper scheduling and coordination, Release managers, Project Managers, QA, and DevOps teams have little ability to prevent missing environments, utilization conflicts, unwanted changes or configuration gaps.


Apwide Golive provides a unique enterprise solution to book, plan and track all activities involving environments.

  • Provide a self service desk to book environments in order to optimize and forecast utilization of resources
  • Detect and prevent conflicts between activities/changes planned on shared environments
  • Publish all scheduled activities and roadmaps to Confluence, Jira and Outlook calendars


A Timeline for your environment activities

Visualize and manage release milestones, deployments, tests, Jira Issues/Versions and any other scheduled activities involving environments on shared and secured timelines.

Environment Booking

Setup efficient Environment Booking workflows in Jira to offer teams an easy way to submit requests, anticipate demands and optimize utilization of shared resources.

Share your plans with the World

Design synthetic timelines for Jira dashboards and Confluence spaces to keep teams focused on always-up-to-date milestones.

Export events to .xlsx, .csv, .json and iCal feeds to push information to an infinite number of tools like Outlook, Gmail, Excel, Team Calendar...


your Environments


"One-solution-fits-for-all" is a myth in DevOps world. For many organizations, choosing the best tools often means adoption of several technologies.

Transversal roles like Release Managers, QA, Project Managers often struggle to access and consolidate information spread in many different tools and teams. This means a lot of manual work and endless coordination meetings with very few empowerment.


Apwide Golive offers a solution to​ ​bring data and control of your DevOps stacks right into ​​teams collaborative spaces.


Deploy and create new environments on demand

Provide an Environment Self Service Desk and empower teams to trigger provisioning of new environments and deployments from Jira

​Get meaningful information ​​from multiple DevOps data sources

Share relevant information coming from Jenkins, Bamboo, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS,… with Jira and Confluence users.

Use the documented Open REST API, Webhooks or specific libs/extensions to integrate Apwide in a breeze.

​Examples of script and integration tutorials

Start from typical use cases examples to build advanced integration scenarios.

Check the Integrations page for more information.

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