Top 4 recipes to deploy Jira with Docker in a single click

Guillaume VialIntegrations

It could be challenging to deploy Jira with Docker for the first time At Apwide we develop apps/gadgets for Jira and Confluence. For development and testing purpose we constantly need to to create on demand Jira and Confluence instances with specific configuration. Applying the “eating your own dog food” principle, we have built an Atlassian Environment Self-service using Apwide Golive to deploy Jira … Read More

How to integrate Jira with Jenkins successfully

David BerclazIntegrations

Why are Jira and Jenkins often poorly integrated? Today, Jira is the #1 Software Development Tool for Agile Teams, and Jenkins is the most used open source automation tool. Both of them are becoming industry standards. However, the integration between the two products is often limited to the visualization of Jenkins Builds in Jira and the possibility to trigger Jenkins … Read More

Improve your integration between Jira and Bamboo

David BerclazIntegrations

Apwide Golive drastically improve the integration between Jira and Bamboo

The standard Jira-Bamboo integration is great If you are using Jira and Bamboo, you have certainly already configured the application link (two-way) in order to benefit from the out-of-the-box integration proposed by Atlassian: Development info in issue search Development panel Build result dialog (detailed Bamboo build result information) Deployment dialog (detailed Bamboo deployment information) Run Bamboo builds when releasing a … Read More