How to integrate Jira with Jenkins successfully

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Why are Jira and Jenkins often poorly integrated?

Today, Jira is the #1 Software Development Tool for Agile Teams, and Jenkins is the most used open source automation tool. Both of them are becoming industry standards.

However, the integration between the two products is often limited to the visualization of Jenkins Builds in Jira and the possibility to trigger Jenkins jobs from Jira.

While companies usually have budgets to purchase new tools, they often lack the money or the time when it comes to integrating them together properly. And well integrated tools can save large organizations literally millions every year!

Environment Self-service in Jira with Apwide Golive and Jenkins makes organizations save time and money by provisioning new test environments in minutes.
With an Environment Self-service in Jira, provision new test environments in minutes

There are new ways to strenghten Jira-Jenkins integration, creating new capabilities!

If you are using Jira and Jenkins, you know that some of your Jira users do not have (or do not want) access to Jenkins. However, the same users ask you to launch deployments on specific test environments or request the status of those deployments.

With our new Apwide Jenkins Shared Library, it has never been so easy to integrate Jira with Jenkins! Most importantly, we have published examples that will only require a copy-paste and a few edits.

As a result, no more time wasted supporting Jira users who cannot connect to Jenkins. Soon you will note improvements in the following areas:

What does it take to start the integration?

If you are already using Jira and Jenkins, you will need 5 minutes to install the Golive app on your Jira instance and configure your first test environments. Then, the following video will talk you through how to setup the integration with Jenkins.

Tutorial to easily integrate Jira and Jenkins using Golive RestAPI and Webhooks

If you are not ready yet to install Golive on your own Jira instance, start your immediate evaluation on our LIVE DEMO Environment.

Apwide Golive drastically improve the integration between Jira and Bamboo

Are you using Bamboo for your CI?

Check our Bamboo-Jira integration article

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