Deploy Jira with Docker, Kubernetes and Rancher (AUG Tel Aviv)

by Guillaume Vial // Last updated on March 29, 2023  

Deploy Jira With Apwide Golive

Are you looking for a more scalable and efficient way to deploy Jira? Look no further and watch whit technical tutorial presented by Guillaume Vial at Atlassian User Group Tel Aviv.

You'll learn how to deploy Jira using Docker containers, Kubernetes, and Rancher, a container orchestration platform. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, even for those new to containerization and container orchestration technologies.

The video is especially useful for technical professionals who are already familiar with Docker and Kubernetes but are new to Rancher. With this tutorial, you'll be able to create a Kubernetes cluster, configure the Docker images, and deploy Jira in a scalable and efficient way.

At Apwide, we know the importance of streamlining your development and deployment processes. By leveraging containerization and container orchestration technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Rancher, you can improve your workflow and make it easier to manage complex applications like Jira.

So, if you're ready to take your Jira deployment to the next level, watch the video!

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